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How To Buy a Boat Propeller

If you own a boat, then in order to help you steer the boat and give it the power to run properly, you will need a boat propeller. Buying the right propeller for your boat would ensure hours of fun riding your boat. It is important to buy the right propeller and to do so you will need to know the type of boat you have and the type of activity you are going to use the boat for.

The first thing you need to consider when buying a boat propeller is the material that it is made from. You can choose between stainless steel propellers and sand-cast aluminum propellers. Although stainless steel propellers are very expensive, they are actually the best material for propellers that you could use. Aluminum propellers may not have the same quality as stainless steel but they are also made well and will last your for several years.

It is important to know what type of propeller is recommended for your boat. In order to find out what type of propeller is right for your boat, then you can check your boat owner’s manual for it. In your owner’s manual, the diameter and pitch of the propeller would be indicated. It will recommend the ideal number of blades the propeller should have or if the propeller turns to the right or to the left.

When we speak of the pitch, it means the distance the boat moves when the propeller turns one full turn. The pitch is related to the weight of the boat. A light boat has a high pitch. If the boat is heavy, then the propeller should be stronger. Stainless steel is used for heavy recreation boats, but aluminum propellers are more widely used.

You should check the shape of your engine shaft before buying your new propeller. It is either barreled, cylindrical, radius, or conical in shape. The hub should fit properly onto the engine shaft. And the direction the propeller turns should also be consistent with the direction the shaft turns.

There are many different kinds of propellers in the market today so you might get confused as to the right kind of propeller to buy. You need to check that the propeller is the right size and make for your boat. If order to find quality boat propellers, make sure to buy one from a good propeller manufacturer that manufacturers quality boat propellers.

Finding the right propeller for your boat by using the tips given above can give you hour of pleasure and enjoyment using your boat. Make sure you check your boat owner’s manual to ensure that you are buying the right propeller for your boat.

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