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The Functions of Emotional Intelligence and Teamwork

More and more companies are noting that personal assessments and hard skills testing are not helping as proper tools to use on choosing new employees. As firms start realizing the significance of social skills like the capability of working and collaborating with a team, they are now searching for the emotional intelligence aspects not just in new candidates, but also in the existing workers too. Emotional intelligence as part of team building is a critical element and below are several reasons why.

It is tough to understand the motivations and emotions of other people if you do not know who you are first. Individuals with high emotional intelligence can identify their feelings fast which is the beginning step in being able to manage or control them. Self-awareness is an essential tool and a building block for emotional intelligence.

The capability of recognizing your emotions is one thing, and being able to control the emotions, specifically in stressful instances, is another thing. The people with developed EI comprehend why they feel the way they do which gives them the chance of examining the emotions rationally and controlling it.

Motivation is a significant team momentum, and each member plays a vital role in offering that motivation. Developed EI will manifest itself like natural support for others, persistence, and a positive attitude. In short, this means that it is infectious, and other people will follow this lead.

The individuals with high emotional intelligence have the capability of understanding the emotions in others and empathizing with them. They also appreciate all people and the impact that the various cultures have on the process of making decisions. Comprehending these variations allows the individual to access diversity and not let it act as a barrier in working effectively together.

High intelligence individuals have highly developed social skills. Being able to solve conflicts in a mutually acceptable manner is critical to the overall success of any team. The well-developed skills will strongly contribute to the cooperation and collaboration that, in turn, drives productivity.

Once a team is formed, it will create an atmosphere of social interdependence, and this can either be a good or a negative thing, based on how it is managed. When a team leader explains that a group will focus on the team goals and need the input of all members for success, the result is a more considerable effort for collaboration. Nonetheless, if a team is created as competitors, every person in the group will have their own goals.

Productive and positive relationships among team members have been demonstrated to be a bigger emotional setting and drive results. The members who share both personally and professionally will work extra hard to achieve success for the group than the team with relationships that have not been adequately developed. Developing emotional intelligence through training and exercising can significantly improve the chances of efficient team performance. In case you are a team manager, you must consider the above features. If you desire the most from your team, work towards setting an environment that develops the relationship of team members rather than tearing them down with competition.

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