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Factors to Consider When Buying Candles

In our lives, we tend to have various kinds of ceremonies to celebrate different stages of growth and development. For example we have weddings among others. In any event, it is critical that the decor and the theme all match up so that it can look appealing. There are various ways of doing this. Lighting plays a very important role in ensuring that the theme of an event is well articulated. Candle lit events tend to look amazing for example dinners. They are a sign of love. There are various kinds of candles that you can buy and the choice of either depends how n the event or the nature of use. For example, we have the candles used in church, there are also the scented candles that have some therapeutic events and the traditional kind of candles. The main factors that drive the purchase and of candles include cost, size, color and shape.

Different candles are suited for different applications. There are some things that you should consider when buying candles. The first has to do with the nature of event where the candles will be used. For example if you are planning for a romantic dinner, then the scented type of candles are most appropriate. Scented candles bring a sense of relaxation and allows you to unwind form your busy schedule. You tend to get some ‘me’ time. For instance a 10-15 minute bath when you have scented candles around tends to make you feel relaxed and calm. Events are usually lively for example it might be a wedding, a pool party among others. Such events will demand for scented candles so that it can portray the right picture.

Another thing to think about is the type of wax that the candle has. We have the sky based and beeswax. Usually beeswax tends to burn better but because of this they tend to run our very fast. Soy based wax candles are better because they organic in nature and hence they don’t burn much faster. Besides, they are more environmentally friendly compared to the paraffin type of candles. Another critical consideration has to do with the nature of the container or jar that the candle will be placed in. It is preferred that you pick an open jar that will not trap the scent of the candle inside. Besides, an open jar is better because it minimizes the chances of fire accidents happening and also less soot is accumulated on the jar itself.

The type of scent that you want tends to be subjective in nature. One scent might be appealing to an individual while displeasing to the other. If for example you have an industrial space, then you should consider choosing the sandalwood or cedar scents since that blends in well. Candles are also considered gifts and you can surprise a friend with them to make their day. Another thing to consider is the kind of wick that the candle has. The wick is the one that diffuses the scent and gets burned up. Cotton is the best material because it is durable.

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