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Regulating Your Kids’ Screen Time

Decades have passed, and compeers after compeers is more to technology than the other. In addition to that, we cannot argue that technology has reached all corners of the world and impacting it as well. However, that doesn’t mean that we should not let our little ones and ourselves be consumed by it. We vulnerably watch while our children get imprisoned by technologies available today like iPods or tablets. Fortunately, there is something parents can do about the situation and not just stand by vulnerable. We need to implement screen time rules now. Now, that will not be a piece of cake. Technology and these digital devices are not entirely evil hence you will not want absolutely keep them away from your kids. We have offered a friendly guide to assist you in limiting your kids’ screen time and how to make it effective.
First and foremost, you will need to account for every gadget in your household and have them in sight if you can properly monitor the screen time of your little ones. It can be challenging to make instructions and impose them when you are not personally managing their use. The oversight role will much easier if you have a room or space or chamber in your house where devices and technology will be accessed. The process will easier if the room is somewhere accessible and within your vision. You can find a nook in your kitchen or living room for the operations. Make the space special and alluring for kids to use them. Make it as comfortable as possible by adding comfy cushions or beanbags. When you build an attractive space which the can cherish, you will have happy kids that would love spending their screen time there. Most importantly you will be happy when supervising their activities with ease.
In addition to having a technology zone in your home, create a technology-free zone as well. Be ready to have the tablets and gizmos used on other places beyond the designated tech rooms. They are effective in making long drives bearable, for example. That said, there are still places within your house where the use of the electronics should be prohibited. How you run your home is different from other homes so, you are the one to decide.
Furthermore, there should be a restriction on the amount of time one can use their electronics. It would be fruitful if the restriction should be on electronic gadgets. The curfew should be start preferably somewhere between six to 7 pm, where they can have time to socialize with loved one before they sleep and most importantly boost their sleep quality.

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