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Five Sports Legends Who Are Advocating For The Use Of Marijuana In Sports

Over the years, many people have been having issues on whether to legalize marijuana or not. We have two groups; the ones that want the legalization of marijuana and those that dont.

The ones that are pushing for this plant to be legal are the health experts that believe that marijuana has a positive impact on health wise. It is no doubt that cancer patients are allowed to take marijuana so that they can manage their pain. Other than the medical experts, there are some people who feel like cannabis should be legalized to be used in others areas.

A great example would be the sports moguls who argue that cannabis can be used as sports medicine. There are five major sports legends who share the same belief that marijuana is not bad for sports. When you look at these people, you will see that they all propose and have also used marijuana during their career. They are;

Rhonda Rousey

She may be known as the iron lady of MMA. Rhonda is also won the UFC championship. According to Rhonda, marijuana should not be categorized as the performance-enhancing drug. She came out publicly after one of her close friends and MMA fighter Nick Diaz was suspended for having tested positive for marijuana. People can read more here.

AL Harrington

AL was an NBA player and a respected one. Since he had much physical pain when he was playing, AL said that he used marijuana to handle the pain. He mostly used products from a company known as Viola Extracts.

This company has a contract of growing and selling the products to more than 30 stores that are allowed to sell marijuana. According to him, by five years from today, people will be allowed to use marijuana. You can read more here.

Ricky Williams

He is the former Miami Dolphin player who was forced to quit his NFL career due to being teased about his use of marijuana.

After his playing career, Ricky would later on partner with 420 Games. This company is known for hosting and organizing marijuana-based games. You can read more here.

Kyle Turley

Kyle is very popular as far as NFL is concerned as he played over ten seasons. The downside is that he had over 100 concussions.

The pain was too much and he developed an addiction to his painkillers. However, his life changed when he started taking medical marijuana. If you want to know about him, you can read more here.

Steve Kerr

Last but not least is the former NBA player and a coach. He was able to handle his back pain by taking marijuana. You can read more here.