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The Top-Rated Foodie Movies That Are Sure to Tantalize your Taste Buds

Wouldnt it be nice to know you cannot only sample and dig into sumptuous and finger licking foods but that you can actually watch their creation? While most people would want to be sampling the best delicacies from the best restaurants, no doubt most budgets will not accommodate that as a daily affair. But you can relive the delicious memories by subscribing to the Food Network channel or better still, grabbing a foodie movie. How about we start by mentioning that cooking is an art that is made perfect after a lot of practice and so much patience. How about you grab your favorite movie snack and get a movie here to tantalize your taste buds with the best meals?

Look no further beyond the Chef movie as one of the leading foodie movies of all times. This movie features Favreau who plays the role of Carl that works as a professional chef in a leading high-end restaurant in Los Angeles. Be sure to watch the twists and turns of this comedy-drama movie that is sure to whet your taste buds and have your stomach growling. You might want to click on this website when looking for the best and most delicious delicacies in Los Angeles and it’s environs.

Chances are high you have seen a French dish that combines a variety of veggies such as eggplant, Zucchini, tomatoes, and peppers stewed in some oil. This French dish with these amazing vegetables that is loved by many across the world is referred to as Ratatouille. It is its huge popularity that inspired the creation of an animated movie in 2007 known as Ratatouille. The movie is quite intriguing featuring a rat that has unusual abilities to prepare unique and delicious meals. The moral of this story is anyone can be a chef so be inspired to put your culinary skills to test after watching this classic foodie movie.

Have you ever heard or watched Julia Child? How about you check out the movie that follows by the name Julie & Julia, featuring two ladies sharing the name Julie. The story features a young and enthusiastic New Yorker that is determined to take a year to cook all the 524 recipes featured in Julia Childs The Joy of Cooking. You bet the culinary career of Julia comes out perfectly as the storyline of this movie unfolds. She faces so many trials and tribulations in her pursuit of excellence, things that can greatly inspire you to never give up in life. You can bet the list of foodie movies is not complete as these are just a few of the many out there.