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What to Choose Between Cell Phone Booster and Das Wireless
If your office building has a problem with the signal it may cause a lot of inconveniences and nuisances. It is advisable that you fix that because it will play a significant role in improving communication and the efficiency and productivity in your business. You should note that employees’ productivity is improved by about 16 percent when they have a better connection to the internet. Therefore, you should find a solution faster if your building is contributing to poor signals. There are two paths you can go out it, which are the DAS wireless and cell phone boosters. There are significant differences between the two, and you should be informed when making any decisions. Such huge variances make it easier to go for the wrong option if you are not keen on certain aspects. Making a decision for that reason may be filled with uncertainty, but you should not worry as the article will clarify on which option would be perfect for company.
The Das wireless, or what is referred to as the distributed antenna system, is a broad structure of connected antennas in an enormous space. It is a good option for commercial use as it improves cellular connectivity. The DAS wireless provide sturdy reception and will always build a single-carrier signal. Moreover, it will be a permanent fitting to the electronic system in your business. Such systems are commonly used in stadiums and airports, and other enormous commercial spaces. However, you should be watchful when picking the DAS as you will want to look at other factors before you reach the installation.
The Cell Phone Boosters work by using the antennas to size the cellular signals from the neighboring towers. The system can operate in reverse as it can take cell signals from your phone can amplify them, then disseminates them to your antenna outside. The external antenna transmit the cell signals to the cell towers. Then cell phone boosters are powerful as they improve the cell signals by 32 percent. It is the ideal option to improve the collaboration of workers. It is perhaps one of the main reason why commercial setting like offices and hospitals prefer the option.
When it comes to cost the cell phone booster is the cheaper between the two. The DAS is costlier because you have to fix a lot of fiber optic cables and they will need a lot of materials to fix properly without consuming space, but on the brighter side you are going to incur such expenses once since it is a permanent fixture. If you are looking for a fixture with less installation time, go for the cell phone boosters as it will take only 6 weeks compared to the DAS that can take 6 months, even a year.