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Inspiration, and Recovery Quotes That Will Help You Get Through Your Journey
There are many people who are recovering from addiction. According to research done in the United States, one in seven people has the likelihood of experiencing substance addiction during their lifetime. Unfortunately, only a handful of these people will be fortunate enough to receive the help they need. With this, anyone, who had the opportunity to go through or is joining a recovery program should be grateful. Despite this, the recovery process goes through a lifetime and has several challenges. On some occasions, inspirations will be all you will need. This article will be a source of inspiration during such times. Here are some motivational quotes that will help you in your recovery process.

One of the most favorite addiction recovery quotes is by Jean Kilbourne. It says that addiction starts with the belief that there is something “out there” that can instantly fill up the emptiness inside. People love it because it accurately brings out the feelings behind addiction. Turning to alcohol for comfort is trying to fill up a gap in your life. Full recovery requires a deeper understanding of this. Take the recovery period as the opportune time to dig deep within yourself the reasons that made you start using the drug. This knowledge will help you rebuild and move forward.

Terri Guillemets has a quote that says you should not let the past steal your present. You should never dwell in your past if you are trying to recover from an addiction. Addiction can make people do unpleasant things. Nevertheless, have in mind that the current you are not defined by the past mistakes. You should rather make use of those mistakes as a means to forgive yourself and grow. Make this process easier by finding out the people who make you lag behind.

Experience is what you do with what has happened to you, it is merely what happens to you. Aldous Huxley said this recovery quote. This is an important message to all recovering from addictions. Your personal identity is not defined based on the experiences you have had. How you handle and grow from them is what matters. Instead of letting your addiction to define you, choose to let your recovery be part of your identity.

Sometimes, reading inspirational quotes is not enough. Recovery is a process. Never be ashamed to seek help during your recovery time. Seek support and guidance from loved ones. You can also search the web for reliable recovery programs and retreats. With this, you will be able to learn more about how they are capable to assist you in your recovery process.

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