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What are the Tell Tale Signs your Partner is not Enjoying Sex?

Are you or your partner getting satisfied once you have sex? Most of the women over 62{5c6c3f44db849b1fe9f99841a08096c6796ef64ab7005c7f8ab254ff92d69f90} have reports not to get satisfied when they are having sex with their spouses. Do you have an indication that your partner is not getting satisfied sexually? Then there is need to look for solutions to curb the problem, read more here.

One way to know that your partner is never happy is if you lack feedback and they will completely shut down, some will be unable to talk of the experience and opt to keep quiet.

There are telltale signs that the partner is enjoying the act, if their toes are crawling, they are panting and stroking your hair then you are sure they are enjoying, if they are not responding to these things like toes crawling you are sure they are not happy, read more here.

Once there is too much of something,it often comes out an not real, once you start noticing your partner is going on overdrive complimenting you, it is a clear sign that they are hiding something, read more here.

As much as over complimenting is not a bad thing, is a sign that your partner is trying to send a coded message and they will try and start telling you on the positions to take.

Couples who are satisfied and mentally engaged in the relationship will want to always have physical contact with one another and that starts with a kiss and cuddling.

After sex that is the moist intimate time, if there is no kissing caressing and cuddling, then you may be in a unhealthy relationship, physical intimacy is crucial in sustaining the relationship, read more here.

If you notice your partner is not interested in making love or they are ignoring those unspoken signs to start on lovemaking, it means that they are not happy and it is bad sign that they are not happy.

If your partner is talking about how their friends has a hot sex game, then it could be a sign that they are sending to you, be clever and read between the lines, read more here.

The great thing about hidden message is that you will take it and try to work on what they want you to achieve, you can even ask them to ask their friend what make their sex great, then you can pick what will suit you.

If your partner is checked out during sex and you feel like you are the only person who showed up to the party, it is an indication that they are not interested and are not having a good time.

Well, did sex used to take some quality time but you are now feeling rushed to the finish line? This is a sign that they are just there for the act and not to make you feel happy and satisfied, read more here.

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