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Best Cities In France To Consider Visiting

France is considered a country of true romantics.France is visited mostly by true romantics. The practice of French Mistresses is from way back. There is a lot to France than just Paris. France is more like the size of Texas. It is possible to view all the cities that are below in a short amount of time. This guide provides you with cities to consider visiting.

There is Aix En Province. It is found in the south of France. It offers general warmth to your eyes and soul. The buildings have colors that are warm such as yellows, some pink and oranges. The art museum has interesting bright colors. There is the Museum Granet and the Museum Arbaud. If you love the Cezanne, you can view his Atelier.

Amboise is a town that has a castle. You can take a walk if you want. The whole house and the ground is dedicated to the invento. You can tour the town for two hours most. At the start of the town, you can see evidence of old dwellings. There is the Loire valley where you can go for wine tasting.

Epernay, champagne region. You have the option of choosing which town to get drunk. Champagne is a region in full or what would be seen as a large country. Epernay is most recommended though there are other towns. This is due to its old city charm that you get to see as you travel. However, there are still other options like Bouzy, Chaumont, Bar Sur, Troyes, Aubi and Reims.

Eze is a town you can visit as a day trip. Over the past hundreds of years, Eze citizens have brought cacti from exotic locations. The cactus garden is a great site to view. If you are brave enough you can even touch it. Consider taking a hike to the top of the own to check out the cactus garden. The best time if to go before sunset. You can also tour the Fragonard perfumery.

Lyons is one of the biggest city in France. The city is found between the intersection of two rivers; Rhone and Saone. There are some roman remains in the city. The city is 2000 years old and has interiors that are done beautifully. You can roam around the cool tunnls.

Paris is the most famous city in France. If you want to know the real Paris, you can use the help of Parisian guided tours. There are about two million houses in Paris.

Nice has great Mediterranean beaches as well as weather. It takes about 25 minutes on a bus away from Eze. There are museum galore and roman ruins.Reims is in the Loire valley. It is famous for the giant cathedral that put to shame the Notre Dame.